Do You Know What Are Tags?

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Something to share with you about tags. Tags are useful in a post as it will automatically link all post related to the same topic. The difference between a category and tags is that tags are separated by commas. This post has a tag listed. Try it out.

Click on this link Tags


Using Quickpress In A Blog

Have you tried using Quickpress?Well it’s fast and easy.To activate Quickpress, click on the Dashboard from the site admin area.However take note when images are uploaded, it will not visually seen but only the url of the image will be seen. Check it out.It will be fun.

Picture on Quickpress

Paint, Paint, Paint!

Welcome back readers. Something interesting to share with you about uploading a Biymap into your post. Well just create any picture you want and when you save it, save it as JPEG file. Upload the file as the same way as you upload an image by selecting the image icon. An example is shown below. Try it out. It’s fun.

Click on this link to know more. Paint

Adding Polls To Your Post

Do you know what are polls? It’s for your survey. If you would like to try out select the polls icon and follow the steps given. Set your questions and allow your friends to answer your questions. An example of a poll is shown below. Happy polling.  🙂

You may click on this link to learn more. Polls

Core Rules In Netiquette

What is Netiquette? In other words, it’s how we behave on the Net. Here are some of the Core Rules Of Netiquette and also a quiz on E-mail  Netiquette.   🙂

  • Rule 1: Remember The Human.
  • Rule 2 : Adhere to the same standards of behavior online   that you follow in real life.
  • Rule 3 : Know where you are in Cyberspace.
  • Rule 4 : Respect other people’s  time and bandwidth.
  • Rule 5 : Make yourself good online.
  • Rule 6 : Share expert knowledge.
  • Rule 7 : Help keep flames wars under control.
  • Rule 8: Respect other people’s privacy.
  • Rule 9 : Don’t abuse your power.
  • Rule 10: Be forgiving of other people’s mistake.

Click on this link E-Mail Netiquette Quiz to test out your skills.

The iPad

Something interesting to share with you about the iPad. It is the latest technology from Apple. It’s just having internet at your hands. Watch the video, image and click on the link below to have more information about this technology.



Hi! Welcome back! I would like to share interesting facts about gymnastic. To start there two kinds of gymnastic. One is called Artistic Gymnastic and another called Rhythmic Gymnastic. The difference between Artistic and Rhythmic is that Artistic uses equipment like what you call a vault, beam, trampoline, uneven bars, rings and they use the floor. Rhythmic uses rope, hula-hoop,ribbon,ball and clubs. Here is a image and video of  Rhythmic and Artistic.